Helpful Commands

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Helpful Commands

Post by Sgrios on Sat May 27, 2017 2:56 pm

Below is a list of in game commands and their purpose;

"Verb" - What it does
"Strength" - Displays set strength stat
"Speed" - Displays set speed stat
"Endurance" - Displays set endurance stat
"Agility" - Displays set agility stat
"Stamina" - Displays max stamina stat
"Set-Stamina" - Allows you to edit stamina stat
"Chakra" - Displays max chakra stat
"Set-Chakra" - Allows you to edit chakra stat
"Health" - Displays max health stat
"Set-Health" - Allows you to edit health stat
"Help" - Displays how to use Think/Whisper/Shout

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