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Poison Guide

Post by Sgrios on Sat May 27, 2017 3:02 pm


Throughout the world there are a number of poisonous variations of plants. Skilled individuals known as Herbalist have actually found ways to turn these nature born creations into powerful tools. A truly skilled individual who have dedicated their life to the art of poison, can wield even the rarest components of poison and create powerful toxins, sometimes even fatal. Below is a list of what poisonous plants a specific herbalist has knowledge to use.

Herbalist Ingredients
Poison Mushroom - Causes body functions to slow down (-2 movement tile)
Poison Berries - Causes internal bleeding. (-3 health;)
Poison Root - Causes fatigue. (-2 stamina;)
Poison Fungi - Causes motor skill issues. (Roots target)

Master Herbalist Ingredients
Stingray Tail - Causes pain, swelling, muscle cramps from the venom. (Root 2 turns; 10 Internal Damage)
Scorpion Venom - Lethal venom primarily to paralyze their prey. (20 Internal Damage; 1 Turn Paralyze)
King Cobra Venom - Attacks the nervous system and causes paralysis. (2 Turn Paralyze)
Blue-Ringed Octopus Tenticle - Causes severe and total body paralysis. (3 Turn Paralyze)
Rattlesnake Venom - Destroys tissue, degenerates organs and disrupts blood clotting. (30 Internal Damage)

Poison Usage
Poisons can be used with up to three ingredients. For each additional ingredient used, the poison lasts an additional turn up to 3 turns. All poisons can be applied and used on its own in combat but last only one turn. For Master Herbalist, only one 'rare' poison can be used per poison creation. Rare poisons duration is not affected by number of poisons used. They do specifically what they say they do.

IMPORTANT: To use a poison you should first RP applying it to a weapon, drink, injection, etc. Once you rp it and then you successfully inflict the poison in some way on your target, you THEN click the poison(s) used. Once the poison is clicked it will display its effects to the surrounding area and then delete itself. Be very careful not to click poisons until after its effects are applied in RP. This method is to prevent poison being used in an unlimited amount.

Example Uses:
Poison Berries = -3 Health for 1 turn
Poison Mushroom + Poison Root = -2 movement tile; -2 stamina; 2 turn duration
Poison Mushroom x3 = -3 movement tile; Lasts 3 turns
Poison Root x3 = -6 Stamina; Lasts 3 turns
Poison Mushroom + Poison Root + King Cobra Venom = 2 turn Paralyze; -1 tile movement and -2 stamina lasting 3 turns;

*Will continue to be updated over time.


Growing Poisonous Plants

Step One is Universal:
Plant Seed in hoed ground for better survival rate.
Water Seed Twice (Clicking on the outside edge of the planted seed is how you water the plant).
Wait and allow seed to grow into a bud.

Afterwards the process differs;

Poison Mushroom
Water plant once more, prune plant twice (to prune a plant click the plant directly with pruners) and wait.

Poison Root
Water plant once more, prune plant three times and wait.

Poison Fungi
Prune plant twice and wait.

Poison Berry
Prune plant twice and wait.

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