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Puppet Guide

Post by Sgrios on Sat May 27, 2017 3:03 pm

Puppet Guidelines in Combat

Summoning a Puppet does not require handseal speed but is considered an Instant Cast and an Action.
Moving a Puppet over two tiles = -1 stamina each
Activating puppet abilities = -2 stamina each
Puppeteer Perk = 6 tile 'chakra string' radius from body
Advanced Chakra Strings perk = 10 tile 'chakra string' radius from body

Each puppet summoned may activate a total of 1 ability each, per turn.
Puppeteers are reduced to three-tile movements when using chakra strings/controlling puppets. Puppet squadron grants 1-tile movement per turn. Advanced strings grants 2-tile movements per turn.
Puppeteers can only ride puppets approved in creation as 'Rideable.'

When a puppet is destroyed, that puppet is no longer usable for the rest of that OOC day. Puppets may be reconstructed via RP and used the next day. Anyone caught not honoring this rule will have their puppets nerfed harshly.

Puppet Creation

Creating a puppet costs minerals depending on rank. A character is only allowed a maximum of 6 puppet creations (which can be upgraded over time).

Point Distribution: D-Rank (100) ;  C rank (220) ; B rank: (320);  A Rank: (400)
Puppeteer: +25 Stat Points
Puppet Squadron: + 45 Stat Points
Advanced Chakra Strings: + 65 Stat Points
Puppetry: Human Puppet Performance: + 95 Stat Points
Creation Points Factor: Total Number of Stat Points Divided by 50 = Creation Points Required
Mineral Cost: Number of minerals x 500
Puppeteer Base Points:
D Rank: 30
C Rank: 70
B Rank: 120
A Rank: 200

Strength: The puppets physical strength.
Durability: The strength of the puppets armoring, and its total health when multiplied by 1.5.
Mobility: The puppets overall speed and dexterity.(Speed, not agility)
Dexterity: The puppets overall attack speed.
Control: The overall power of a puppet's chakra-based abilities. Its contribution varies upon weapons/abilities.
Capacity: The puppets capacity for weaponry/augmentations. 5 Stat Points per weapon slot.

Below are preset puppet abilities for puppet creation. (With a smithing perk you can create your own abilities but use these as guidelines for capabilities. Weapons/Armorings made with a smithing perk are halved in count.)

C Rank Preset Ability List:
-Bronze Shield (8 Points)
-Sword (5 Points)
-Axe (5 Points)
-Spear (5 Points)
-Senbon Dispenser (3 Points)

B Rank Preset Ability List:
-Iron Shield (16 Points)
-Long Sword (15 Points)
-Battle Axe (15 Points)
-Warriors Spear (20 Points)
-Twin Blades (15 Points)
-Enhanced Senbon Dispenser (25 Points)
-Flamethrower (30 Points)
-Speed Modifier (20 Points)

A Rank Preset Ability List:
-Chakra Shield (40 Points)
-Hyper Speed Modifier (40 Points)
-Giant Sword (50 Points)
-Giant Axe (50 Points)
-Giant Spear (50 Points)
-Explosive Tag Launcher (40 Points)

Puppet Application Template
[b]Character Name:[/b] <Your RPC's name. Required>
[b]Key:[/b] <Your username in-game.>
[b]Character Rank:[/b] <Your exact character rank in game.>
[b]Puppet Name:[/b] <English or Japanese rōmaji>
[b]Puppet Rank:[/b] <C/B/A>
[b]Puppet Description:[/b] <Jutsu/Skill's description.>
[b]Puppet Statistics & Effects:[/b] <Summon Cost/Preparation/Speed/etc.>
[b]Puppet Abilities:[/b] <Ability 1/2/3 as applicable>
[b]Perk Requirements:[/b] <You must meet certain requirements to create new jutsus>
[b]Technique Icon:[/b] <Icon used for technique in game.>

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