Karasu,Simo- Ominous Gust

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Karasu,Simo- Ominous Gust

Post by EeveeLOP on Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:01 am

Character Name: Karasu,Sora
Key: EeveeLOP
Character Rank: B
(IC) Purpose for Jutsu: Sora does not have many offensive abilities, so he took his inner raven chakra and made something out of it.
Technique Name: Karasu Style:Ominous Gust
Technique Rank: C

Technique Description: The Karasu may channel chakra into their wings and emit a gust of purple wind. The wind itself isn't meant to damage a foe but to blow back attacks and repel enemies.
Technique Statistics & Effects: x power ( no damage) for every 10 power the user used 70 chakra; Agility based; 3 tile width; 2 tile knockback
Repel: If the techniques power is greater than anothers it may repel it back at the user. This applies to weapons as well.
Perk Requirements: Karasu Clan,Soft Feathers,Winged Mistic, Karasu Eings
Technique Icon: Any Karasu clan perk
Reference Material Me.


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