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Post by ISymphony_SoldierI on Wed May 24, 2017 12:09 pm

Key: ISymphony_SoldierI
Character Name: Ki'Rei
Starter Position Applying For: Yonbi Jinchuuriki
Timezone: EET/UTC+2
Do you have experience being a starter on any RP game and if so tell us about your experience?: I do have some experience. Before the down fall of SE, I played the role of a Majin Buu once. I also played various ranks on may different games such as; Du,Finale and Phoenix. Yes, they are mostly dragon ball RP games, which is why I am applying for this. I would like this to be my first rank/starter position in a Naruto RP game. Ranks that I've played before; Earth guardian/Kaioshin/King of vegeta. Even though, these ranks mean nothing as I am applying for a Naruto game. However, I do believe I have enough experience and time to play a starter on a Naruto game.
Why do you deserve the position?: In all honesty, I don't think I deserve it. It is more of a human desire to acquire something that is unique. However, I don't want it to show off or to act cool. It is a rank just like any other which deserve and need a responsible person. While, I am not the most responsible person out there, I am pretty sure I am capable of doing this job right. If anything, I would treat it is a motivation to kick me and help me give it my best in my RPs. As for how I will use these power; It will be used to ensure rp and increase it. Just like I said, I wont use it to show off, but to actually help people and of course my village and leader. Just something to kick my hopes up and ignite the rp soul within this dead guy. <3

Note: In case of approval, I wont be attending the game till Friday. I have family stuff which I have to finish, once I get the change to get online, I will be there infront of you. So, please. If I got approved, don't think I just quit, cause I will come back. <3 Thats it. Thanks for reading.


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