(Suna Chunin) Karasu, Simo

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(Suna Chunin) Karasu, Simo

Post by EeveeLOP on Wed May 24, 2017 7:27 pm

Character Name: Karasu, Simo
Starter Position Applying For: Kazekage
Do you have experience being a starter on any RP game and if so tell us about your experience? Yes I have been a starter countless of times. Ranging from chunin all the way to kage. Not only have  been a starter but I have also been a admin, so I know both sides of the spectrum and am able to do both if needed. Not only have i bene starters on prevous naruto wipes such as NC, SSO, SAga, COS, I have also been starters other rp games as well.
Why do you deserve the position? I am able to bring a good essence to the rp environment around me. Playing Suna before, I know how it feels to go from having the most players in a village, to having the least. I think I am able also bring players to the game, and make it a great rp environment.


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