Pre-Arc One: Epilogue

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Pre-Arc One: Epilogue

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It began with contention over the ownership of a small mining village known as Takigakure after the annual Chuunin Exams. Tensions were high over how each village would pay their fair share. Being the only major export of ore, and closest to Sunagakure, naturally Sunagakure annexed the small town with ease, putting a chokehold on resources to the opposing two villages to add leverage in negotiations. Kirigakure felt an immediate backlash in the decrease in precious metals. Not only did it limit their ability to arm their shinobi, but decreased their export in steelwork both hurting their economy and less able to pay back its share. In fear of being unable to pay back its debts, and lose its place as a global power, in response, Kirigakure ambushed the Sunagakure stationed shinobi, and occupied the small town in their place. Transformed into a constant war zone, the remaining villagers, and leading officials of Takigakure gathered their remaining funds and fled to Konohagakure, offering a substantial reward for their protection. Having been the most recent village to fund the Chuunin Exams, Konohagakure was desperately in need of reparations, and so the Hokage accepted the deal. Many mark this day, as the official beginning to First Great Shinobi War. Konohagakure successfully managed to force Kirigakure out of the region while simultaneously keeping Sunagakure Shinobi at bay, becoming the current occupying force, denying all resources to both Kirigakure and Sunagakure. And so our story begins....
Public Knowledge (IC)

  • Several children have gone missing recently.
  • Takigakure is the chief mining export in the world.
  • Each of the three Great Shinobi Villages have many captured shinobi.
  • Each village claims to have had their secret weapon taken by the enemy village.
  • Moral for the war is high because many families want their loved ones returned or avenged.


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