Jutsu Application Layout

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Jutsu Application Layout

Post by Admin on Fri May 26, 2017 12:22 pm

If ANYONE is confused about the systems below please let an admin know and we will assist you in understanding and building a correct jutsu application.

An inability to fulfill requirements for jutsus will result in denial. Pre-req perks include Shape Proficiency, Elemental Proficiency, and Specialization Perks.

Techniques that fall under these categories should be -exceptional- feats. Techniques that require strength, preparation, and even abnormal contortions. Things such as counter-techniques should not be applied for.

Created Technique Requirement
-This information is for those interested in creating custom attack based techniques (Jutsu/Skills/Etc.) including known cannon jutsu or something you just completely made up. This is used to insure everyone has a fair and just jutsu and things are not 'one sided' due to how, for example, the cannon displayed one clan over another. If you encounter any jutsu which do not follow these rules they are either a starter given jutsu, or something gained via a loot drop in RP. You are allowed a certain number of created techniques per character. You unlock the ability to apply for a specific technique ranks as you progress in the world. Below is a breakdown of what rank you need to be for specific technique creation.

Note: Naturally some requests can not be followed by this format. Those requests would be something such as boosts, stat buffs, stat debuffs, or anything else you can think of that is not a direct 'attack' jutsu. Those requests are allowed but will be scrutinized heavily.

Character Rank Reached = Allowed Technique Creation
D = 1 C rank creation
C = +1 C rank creation
B- = +1 B rank creation
B+ = 1 A rank creation
A+ = 1 S rank creation
Total = 1 S rank, 1 A rank, 1 B rank, 2 C rank
To clarify, this means if you are, for example, rank C you are allowed to create up to 1 C rank and 1 C/B rank scaled technique. If you are rank B+, you can create a total of 2 custom C rank, 1 B rank and 1 A rank technique.

Manipulator Jutsu Creation - Due to the versatility of a manipulator, they will not be allowed to make as many jutsu as others. A manipulator is allowed one single ultimate which scales from B/A rank. This ultimate can be compared to golden sand tsunami for a sand user, or world method technique for an iron sand user, etc. This is the only jutsu a manipulator can apply for. Everything else must be created with the use of the manipulator perk.


Technique Cost/Restrictions
-C-B custom techniques are free. A ranked techniques cost 5 points, and S ranked techniques cost 10 points.
-You are only allowed to create A-S rank elemental jutsu with your natural born element. B ranked and below may be created if you hold appropriate elemental perk. (This means if you are born with Suiton element, but you get the Doton spec tree, you can only make custom doton jutsu up to B rank unless you wield a perk that says otherwise. You could, however, make A/S rank jutsu in with Suiton since it was your natural born element.)

Elemental Jutsu Requirements
Shape Training is Required for any jutsu that forces any sort of specific shape that would not occur naturally in said jutsu.
At LEAST -Element- Specialist are required for C rank elemental jutsu.
At LEAST -Element- Proficiency III are required for B rank elemental jutsu.
At LEAST -Element- Proficiency IV are required for A rank elemental jutsu.
At LEAST -Element- Proficiency V are required for S rank elemental jutsu.
Uchiha and Hozuki can replace the Element Prof perk requirements for B-S ranks with their Fire/Water Mastery Perks.


Technique Application Breakdown

-For balance purposes, each rank is limited to a certain amount of spendable points which you use to plot out how your jutsu will work statistically. You use your spendable points for Power, Speed, and Side Effects should you want them.

-Each rank also has a cap however. Cap numbers signify what your Power or Speed stat can't go over. (For example I am applying for a C rank jutsu. I can make my Power 30 and Speed 30 with my 60 points. However I could not make my Power 45 and Speed 15 because my Power is over the rank cap)

Spendable Points
C Rank = 60 (40 cap)
B Rank = 90 (60 cap)
A Rank = 130 (80 cap)
S Rank = 180 (120 Cap)

-Low tier side effects cost -5 points, high tier side effects cost -10 each. (For example if you want a C rank jutsu to root your enemy, you will spend 5 of your 60 total points on the root ability, then use the 55 left over to decide your Power and Speed. If you wanted your jutsu to Root and Silence, it would cost -10 and so forth.)

Low Tier Side/Additional Effects (-5 a piece)
Silence -- This character can not cast.
Bleed -- This character loses 2 health per turn.
Seep -- This character loses 30 chakra per turn.
Root/Suppressed -- This character can not move.
Uproot-- This character is suspended in the air.
Slow -- This is considered any tile-movement reducing effect.
+1 Tile Knock Back -- This forces enemy characters to be pushed back from the point of attack.
Instant Cast -- This makes the jutsu an instant cast technique. (Must have a 'fitting' reason to be instant cast for approval)

High Tier Side Effects are (-10 a piece)
Delay -- The action of the character is delayed until a later turn.
Stun -- This character is completely incapacitated or otherwise rendered helpless.
Paralyze -- This character can not physically act.
Drowning -- This character is rooted and suffers -4 stamina and -2 health per turn.

Other Side Effects
+1 Turn of effect -- It is -15 point per additional turn of effect.
-1 Stamina Drain Effect on Target -- It is -2 points per -1 stamina drain; There is a cap of -5 for C ranks, -7 for B ranks, -9 for A ranks, and -12 max stamina drain for S ranks.


Genjutsu Requests

Every genjutsu application starts with half of the spendable points placed into the genjutsu power. What this means is a C rank app will start with 30 base power and 30 spendable points; or an A rank jutsu will start with 55 base power, 55 spendable points. The technique cap still pertains to genjutsu power in applications (I.E. a C rank genjutsu request can not have more than 40 power). Below are the options in which to spend your extra points pertaining to genjutsu requests;

+1 Jutsu Power (-2 point cost)
+1 Side effect from list above (-5/-10/-15 points per side effect)


Technique Template

[b]Character Name:[/b] <Your RPC's name. Required>
[b]Key:[/b] <Your username in-game.>
[b]Character Rank:[/b] <Your exact character rank in game.>
[b](IC) Purpose for Jutsu:[/b] <Jutsus shouldn't be invented just for sheer bullshit.>
[b]Technique Name:[/b] <English or Japanese rĊmaji>
[b]Technique Rank:[/b] <C/B/A/S>
[b]Technique Description:[/b] <Jutsu/Skill's description.>
[b]Technique Statistics & Effects:[/b] <Damage/Preparation/Speed/Effects/etc.>
[b]Perk Requirements:[/b] <You must meet certain requirements to create new jutsus>
[b]Technique Icon:[/b] <Icon used for technique in game.>
[b]Reference Material:[/b] <Screenshots, videos, wiki links>



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