Yi's Snowy Field effect!

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Yi's Snowy Field effect!

Post by Senna on Wed May 31, 2017 3:37 am

Character Name: Yuki, Yi
Key: Sennalove
Character Rank: Mizukage
(IC) Purpose for Jutsu: Yi understands that she won’t have a water supply most of the time so she’d need another way to assist/use with her Ice jutsu. Since they require snowy fields or water, might as well create something to provide such.
Technique Name: Haze.
Technique Rank: C/B
Technique Description: This technique was created by the concept of the water style, hidden mist technique. It allows the user to drop the temperate around them greatly until it gives off a thick snowing effect.
Technique Statistics & Effects: 300 Chakra Cost; 30 Chakra Cost per turn; 8 Tile Radius ||The technique provides the ice/snowy field across 8x8 wide. The snow/snowing itself doesn't affect the victims/players however conjunction with a water, wind or ice base techniques will provide a small effect.
Frost Bites Effect: It applies the Slow and Bleeding effect. This effect stacks whenever the victim was hit by the listen element attack. It stacks up to 5. Each stack: the victim will lose 2 health, 4 speed and 3 Agility a turn. At max stacks, the victim will be suppressed for two turns. Every two turns, if the victim hasn't obtain any addition stacks, they will lose 1 stack. Whatever a victim rest, they will lose 2 stacks. Any technique that provides enough heat can Cleanse them completely.
Perk Requirements: Kekkei Genkai - Ice
Technique Icon: N/A
Reference Material: I made it, lol


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