Poison App, Canary's Kiss (not a jutsu)

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Poison App, Canary's Kiss (not a jutsu)

Post by EeveeLOP on Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:11 am

Character Name: Karasu,Simo
Key: EeveeLOP
Character Rank: B
(IC) Purpose for Jutsu: Sora is a medic at heart but he is also a herbalist as well. After going on a mission to collect some herbs he mixed some ingredients and came up with a poison called Canary's Kiss.
Poison Name: Canary's Kiss
Posion Rank: N/A

Technique Description: A powder that can be inhaled or swallowed. It is clear in color. made from poison berries,Fungi, and roots. Canary's Kiss also comes in a liquid form as well. Those who experience the poison will not only feel fatigued, and unable to move for a bit, but internal bleeding will occur.
Technique Statistics & Effects: -2 Stamina for 2 turn, -3 Health for 2 turn, Root target for 1 turn
Perk Requirements: Herbalist, Med prof 3
Poison Icon: Mind just making a few items that have stats.
Reference Material Me and poison guide


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